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Welcome to the social state Germany

Posted in Germany, Politics, Uncategorized by chris on September 24, 2008

In Germany, students at an age of more than 25. years have to insure themselves in an optional health insurance. “optional” means… they can choose between a governmental or a private health insurance, but they must take one of them.

Students, younger than 25 are insured by a family insurance. However, this is just possible, if the student does not earn more than 355 Euro per month.

Most students also don’t earn more than ~7800 Euro per year, because if they would, they have to pay lots of tax. Another con for students, younger than 25., they lose the child benefit.

In fact, many students are insured themselves, and earn round about 650 Euro per month. The health insurance were about 59 Euro per month. Thus, 9 % of the money they earn. They have to pay the whole amount, not half the student and half the company he/she is working for (like in a regular job). And now, by the 1st of October, the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany increased the health insurance contributions for students to 66 Euro. That are ~10 % !?!?

Other cases I don’t want to take care on. This scenario is depressing enough.

However, I think there is a hugh gap between what the politician in Germany say, and how they act.

For myself. I should not calculate the results of new contributions, just accept it. Everything else causes nervous diseases.


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