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Minister of family affairs claims an on-net-110

Posted in Germany, Politics by chris on March 18, 2009

Germany’s minister of familiy affais, Urula von der Leyen, claims to setup an on-net-110 service. If someone detects any illegal operations, or most important, someone see information about an upcoming rampage, the finder is able to contact, whomever, in something like a channel!? However, each time, Ursi open her mouth, nothing about hot air comes out of it. For sure, no one carse about any technical details. Back to the issue, Usi mostly wants user of the same age like the announcer, to report about the announcement in one of this on-net-110s.–/meldung/134791

But for sure. In my oppinion, every user, read such an announcement about an rampage, already is able to contact the emergency. It’s quite easy. Just press one-one-zero on the mobile, followed of the button with the gree mobile on it.
But… They never have called the emergency. Currently, they don’t call. And, however, I am sure, they won’t call in the near feature. So… what’s going on in the buggy brain of this fucking minister? Does she really think, the user will report upcoming rampages on the new on-net-100-channels!?


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