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Bicycle tour 2008

This year I traveled from Mayence (Germany) to Florence (Italy) in 14 days. I took the route beside the Rhine to Basel. Then I crossed the Switzerland on route 3 (have a look at The Swiss’ cycle ways are really well signed. I really recommend anybody to cycle a few days in the Switzerland. The landscape is such beautiful, and the cycle ways are on small agriculturally used streets and also drive you through beautiful cities.

In Switzerland I also crossed the Alps over the St._Gotthard_Pass (2108m). At the evening in Andermatt (~1500m) it was with just 7°C quite cold. The next day, I went up to the pass. Down the mountain, I got the warm mediteran wind in my face. Now over 30°C.

The Swiss’ cycle way ends in Chiasso, at the Italian border, near the Lake Como. In Italy, cycle ways does not exists. So I had to use “normal” streets. But with good card material, I was able to take small streets with less traffic. I went to Genoa by passing Milano, Pavia and Tortona. While coming nearer to the coast, the traffic constantly increased. And arriving at the Genoa, there were so many scooters on the street. I think every person in Genoa has minimum one scooter ;-)

From Genoa I took the coastline to Livorno, going through La Spezia and Pisa. At the coastline, I had to cross the Passo del Bracco at 34°C in the shadow… quite hard ;-)

From Livorno I traveled over Empoli to Florence. There I settled to the train and traveled back home.

Back to the roots are other impressions of the tour, including a google-maps link with my sleeping places.


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