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help fail

Posted in Software by chris on May 1, 2010
chris@thor:~ $ udisks --help
 udisks [OPTION...] udisks commandline tool
See the udisks man page for details.
chris@thor:~ $ man udisks
No manual entry for udisks

Linus Torvalds über C

Posted in Software by chris on August 11, 2009

[…] Some people seem to think that C is a real programming language, but they are sadly mistaken. It really is about writing almost-portable assembly language […]

Googles Android im Auto

Posted in Software by chris on June 17, 2009–/meldung/140533

Der Automobil-Zulieferer Continental entwickelt ein In-Vehicle-Infotainment-System namens AutoLinQ auf Basis von Google Android.

Dann werden zur Unfallprävention einfach noch ein paar Kameras rund um das Auto gebaut, und Google kann die Street-View-Autos abschaffen.

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Bug #167801 closed: could not reproduce

Posted in Fun, Software by chris on May 15, 2009

No comment :-D

Flashrom 0.9.0 released – support for every x86 flash rom

Posted in Software by chris on May 6, 2009
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